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walker teaching2City Seminary of Sacramento is presently located at 2020 16th Ave, Sacramento, California, on the property of Covenant Reformed Church. It is close to William Land Park and near Sacramento City College.

Classes are conducted in the church class rooms and the worship center is used for the annual Convocation Service.


To augment our library, we recommend the libraries of Sacramento State University and UC Davis for research projects and important papers, as well as the growing body of work available on the Internet.


There is a bookstore that is managed by Covenant Reformed Church. Required textbooks will usually be available from this source, purchased from the Registrar or may be purchased elsewhere at the student's discretion. NOTE: All books are sold at cost.


One of City Seminary of Sacramento's primary goals is to provide a sound, biblical, theological education to ALL qualified candidates for the ministry and to those who seek to improve their understanding of God's Word irrespective of financial ability. If you need a scholarship, we have one for you! Please visit our Financial Aid page for more information.



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